Authorize access according to risk rate and increase security during authentication

Manage context-based authentication and adaptive risk with multitude of Multi-Factor Authentication means and biometric identification.

Design rules for dynamic authorization management

Get wider and full control on your data protection and manage a flexible authorizations, shareable among only a targeted set of users to inhibit unauthorized access. Simplify your authorization process by adopting biometric services such as recognition of facial features, finger prints, voice and iris.

Assess the authenticity of users, devices, objects and services.

Control access

Limit the access to applications for only approved and trusted customers, based on their IP, authentication, time of day, and other information that constitute a context.

Reduce risk

Get the most out of adaptive-risk engine based on artificial intelligence and contextual information to identify the risk of users trying to gain access.

Respect requirements

Customize your session management via adaptation to your application security requirements and policies.

Advanced features

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Identification Policy Management

Design your identification policies in the simplest way and ensure compliance with the processes defined for identity management.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Maintain high levels of security using multitude of MFA means and biometric identification such as facial recognition, fingerprinting and more.

Context based Authentication

Limit the access to applications to approved or trusted customers based on their IP and other information that constitute a context.

Adaptive risk Authentication

Assesse the authenticity of users, devices, objects and services and protect your business from suspicious access.

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