Recognize authentic users and assign secure access

Manage the whole lifecycle of identity and offers an omni-channel Customer Experience.

Streamline the onboarding process and guarantee a seamless user experience

Traditional KYC checks are time-consuming and, for some legitimate customers, difficult to complete. Meeting Know Your Customer requirements without compromising your customer’s experience can be a vital way to grow your business, all while maintaining the most security and safety.

Seamlessly manage electronic identity of customers, workforce and things

Easy registration

Help your customers to get registered promptly avoiding manual typing and preventing misspelling. Verify IDs document in real time and make sure your customers are exactly who they claim to be.

Improve Product Adoption

Create user-friendly workflow for efficient service, extract data from identity documents, and fill online forms automatically and effortlessly.

Improve users experience

Simplify customer registration with social platforms and allow accession via a thirdparty application without having to go through a new registration process.

Advanced features

Website icones (86)

Identity Document Verification

Scan the customer government-issued ID to Catch fake IDs and prevent fraud.

Identification Policy Management

Design your identification policies in the simplest way and ensure compliance with the processes defined for identity management.

Identity Document Authentication

Capture the front and back of the credential, and then automatically extracts the facial image, printed information, and bar-encoded data of your customers ID documents.

Passwordless Authentication

Register & Authenticate new customer and validate transactions using advanced technologies with robust multi-algorithm face spoof detection for authentication and identity proofing.

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