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Use Cases

Customers Acquisition

Improve Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Retention over a smooth designed customer journey.

Customer Self-Service
Bring your customers and users the possibility to view and update their data information, manage credentials and prove progressive profiling based on the policy defined.

Policy based Authorization

Ensure secure access to your business ressources by linking appropriate access rights and defining who can access which data.

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Identity Proofing

Allow customers to enjoy a fast and secure onboarding much as preventing fraud and complying to regulations.



Go to fast return on investment (ROI) based on improved efficiency and reduced costs using lawful and court-admissible digital signature.

Customer Journey

Enjoy flexible orchestration designer for flawless customer journeys and connect it to your own marketing & IT solutions via API.

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Fraud Risk

Strength your Identity and Access management process and protect your business and customer data from constantly evolving fraud attacks.

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Passwordless Authentication

Provide a better security from phishing attacks and stolen credentials with advanced & intelligent authentication.


Regulatory Compliance

Improve customer experiences through identity management and data governance while implementing privacy policies and regulatory compliance.

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XAYONE Cloud Platform

Unique All-in-one Platform to Manage Identity, Access and Trust services

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