Oxyliom Solutions becomes XAYone – Rebranding Announcement

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Luxembourg, Dec. 08, 2022 – XAYone (ex-Oxyliom Solutions) is excited to announce its rebranding with a new name, a new logo and a new website. Oxyliom Solutions is now XAYonePhoetically pronounced [ZAY-ONE].

The company is changing its brand identity but its mission still the same: Enables every organization drive its digital success and deliver secure and compliant digital experiences. Owing to its next growth phase, the company’s visual brand is now having a new glance that fit more its identity. The brand identity upgrade is not the only thing to expect, there’ll also be an expansion and evolution concerning its platform and services.

“Today, we are taking a big step toward the vision we want to spread, of the future digital identity challenges and how to achieve success. Our rebranding marks the continuity and reinforcing of this vision, on a larger scale.” said Anwar EL BARAKA, CEO & Founder for XAYone. “Our company [XAYone] is more than ever ready to face those challenges and provide businesses the needed solutions to support the advancing changes of the industry.”

Anwar EL BARAKA, CEO & Founder for XAYone
Oxyliom Solutions becomes XAYone

About XAYone

XAYone is a CIAM leading company providing solutions ingeniously designed to improve digital consumer identity and rich out customer experiences. At XAYone, we make sure to enable every organization drive its digital success and deliver secure and compliant digital experiences. We help organizations achieve it by delivering an All-In-One platform with modern, secure, and regulatory-compliant solutions.


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