Access Program

Product Overview | TR-XAYONE-Access-01

This structured course comprises a mix of instructor led lessons and demonstrations with plenty of lab exercises to ensure an opportunity to fully understand each of the topics covered. It provides students with a strong foundation for the design, installation, configuration, and administration of XAYone Access Management. The objective of the course is to present the core concepts of access management, demonstrate the many features, and provide hands on experience that allows students to implement a full solution based on real life use cases, including many ready to use features.

  • Security centric Administrator
  • IT Auditor / Compliance Officer
  • Consultant integrator
  • Familiarity with XAYone Identity Administration
  • Completed XAYone Identity Overview

Instructor-Led Training (4 days)


Courses Content
  • Implement default authentication and understanding application xapp tokens management by XAYone Access Management
  • Describe the main capabilities of user self6service and configure self registration basic flows
  • Extending authentication functionalities and implement intelligent authentication
  • Understand the use of an identity store and retrieve user profile information using REST
  • Increase Authentication security, configure risk based and second factor authentication
  • Design filters and populations to control access
  • Integrating Low Level Devices with OAuth 2.0
  • Integrating Applications with OpenID Connect 1.0 (OIDC)
  • Describe how UMA2 enriches OAuth2 to allow resource sharing
  • Implementing Social Authentication
  • Use a Hardware Security Management (HSM) secret store to sign OIDC ID token
  • Implementing Single Sign On Using SAML2
  • Delegating Authentication Using SAML2

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