Access Program

Modern Perimeter Protection | TR-XAYONE-Acess-02

XAYone Access Management allows context-based authentication & adaptive risk with adding steps to validate an authentication according to the risk rate and increase security during authentication. In this course, you will learn how to use XAYone Access Management to create a Zero Trust environment in a landscape where people are the new perimeter. This hands-on course is full of tips for expanding your security footprint with XAYone Access Management.

  • Security centric Administrator
  • IT Auditor / Compliance Officer
  • Completed XAYone Access Management Overview or minimum one year experience of XAYone administration

Instructor-Led Training (2 days)


Courses Content
  • Enhance your company's security posture using a rich set of XAYone Access Management Tools
  • Identify XAYone Access Management Adaptive MFA capabilities and integration scenarios
  • Decide what are the best factors and security policies for distinct business scenario
  • Configure policies for MFA enrollment and MFA enforcement
  • Implement MFA using Network Zones and contextual data
  • Secure infrastructure resources using XAYone Advanced proxy
  • Identify use cases and scenarios where different authentication flows may be required
  • Set up Behavior Detection to identity threads due based on SSO velocity, device context, or IP location
  • Configure Passwordless Authentication
  • Simplify user lifecycle activity using XAYone Access Management Automations
  • Detect possible security risks quickly and consistently via XAYone Access Management Monitoring

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