Identity Program

Identity as a Service provider | TR-XAYONE-EID-04

XAYone Identity Management enables a Single Customer View. This view of data information makes it easy to manage the whole lifecycle of identity and offers an omni-channel customer experience. In this course, In this course, you will learn how XAYone Identity is used to manage trust using Identity as a Service Provider based on standards.

  • Experienced XAYone Identity Management Administrators
  • Technical Architects
  • Experience with XAYone Identity Administration
  • Completed XAYone Identity Overview

Instructor Led Training (2 days)


Courses Content
  • Describe the Identity Providers integrations supported by XAYone Identity Management and when to use them
  • Integrate XAYone Identity with external SAML Identity Providers
  • Implement real time user creation (Just in Time provisioning) during federation
  • Customize the XAYone Self Service to address scenarios with multiple identity providers
  • Integrate XAYone self service Integrate XAYone self service with external Social Providers

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