Identity Program

Developers Exclusive | TR-XAYONE-EID-02

XAYone Identity Management enables a Single Customer View. This view of data information makes it easy to manage the whole lifecycle of identity and offers an omni-channel customer experience. In this course you will learn how to build user lifecycle management with XAYone Identity using best practices and API webhook.

  • Developers / Architects
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Understanding of REST integration concepts
  • Experience with OOP Java
  • XAYone eID Product overview (recommended)

Instructor Led Training (3 days)

Courses Content
  • Describe key XAYone Customer Identity Use Cases and features
  • Use XAYone REST APIs to manage identities, profiles, applications, and configurations
  • Plan, Design, and develop Sign On and Registration pages using XAYone API
  • Implement security controls, such as password, MFA and Sign in Policies
  • Incorporate best practices to maximize XAYone API + SDK code
  • Troubleshoot problems and work effectively with XAYone support

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