Identity Program

Automate Lifecycle Management | TR-XAYONE-EID-05

XAYone Identity Management enables a Single Customer View. This view of data information makes it easy to manage the whole lifecycle of identity and offers an omni-channel customer experience.  In this course, developers learn to facilitate fast deployment of their application by integrating XAYone Identity for user provisioning using the SCIM standard.

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Understanding of REST integration concepts, such as HTTP and JSON
  • Experience with Java, Python, or another object oriented programming language

Instructor Led Training (1 day)


Courses Content
  • Describe the SCIM standard HTTP operations and JSON payloads
  • Understand how Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations relate to provisioning activity
  • Incorporate best practices of user model design
  • Configure applications in XAYone Identity to support user lifecycle events
  • Design and develop a SCIM server to integrate with a SCIM compliant identity provider such as XAYone eID
  • Test and debug SCIM requests

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