Give people the authentication experience they expect

Improve your login journey with simple & secure passwordless authentication.

Deliver a seamless authentication experience with less frictions

Going passwordless eliminates password-associated security problems. If there are no passwords to con off employees, phishing is not a threat. And in other attacks, when passwords are removed from authentication, they cannot be stolen and used by threat actors.

Easily design all authentication scenarios

Advanced Authentication

Offer your customers and workforce a smooth user experience over a hassle-free authentication using biometric means.

Phishing attacks prevention

Eliminate password-associated security problems and prevent from phishing attacks, as passwords can not be stolen anymore.

Increase productivity

Increase your team productivity by eliminating login resets so employees could focus on more meaningful tasks instead of resetting passwords.

Advanced features

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Biomectic Authentication

Register & Authenticate new customers and validate transactions with robust multi-algorithm face spoof detection for authentication and identity proofing.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Maintain high levels of security using multitude of MFA means and biometric identification such as facial recognition, fingerprinting, voice and iris recognition.

Context based Authentication

Limit the access to applications to approved or trusted customers based on their IP, authentication, time of day, and other information that constitute a context.

Adaptive risk Authentication

Assesse the authenticity of users, devices, objects and services and protect your business from suspicious access.

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