XAYone named as Innovation Leader by KuppingerCole in Leardership Compass CIAM Platforms 2022


XAYone Team

Luxembourg, Mar. 09, 2023 – XAYone, the ingeniously designed identity solution for customers and employees, announced it has been recognized as Innovation Leader by KuppingerCole Analysts in their latest Leadership Compass Report on Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platforms for 2022.

“XAYone Platform [] provides high levels of data security and consumer privacy.” said John Tolbert, Director Cybersecurity Research for KuppingerCole. “XAYone has strong support for relevant regulations in the financial industry. [] Organizations in the finance industry, particularly those in the regions well-served by XAYone, should review their [XAYone] capabilities when searching for CIAM solutions.” 

John Tolbert, Director Cybersecurity Research for KuppingerCole

About XAYone

XAYone provide solutions ingeniously designed to improve digital consumer identity and rich out customer experiences. XAYone CIAM Platform supports the central management of identities based on a flexible data model and identification policy. It enables identity management through provisioning, synchronization and reconciliation of engines, as well as self-service. XAYone smoothly allow you to design your general data information structure to correspond with your Identification Policy and helps you truly improve your login journey with advanced Passwordless MFA Authentication.


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