EASYsign Program

Product Overview | TR-XAYONE-SIG-01

XAYONE EASYsign provides solutions for signing contracts in a legally valid, electronically signed form. XAYONE EASYsign also comes with built in support for blockchain based solutions. In this course, you will learn how to practice key setup and configuration steps in XAYONE EASYsign.

  • XAYONE EASYSign Administrator
  • Consultant integrator
  • Familiarity with XAYONE Identity Administration
  • Completed XAYONE Identity Overview

Instructor-Led Training (2 days)


Courses Content
  • Install and configure XAYONE EASYsign
  • Understand Electronic Signature and possible connectors
  • Implement PKI, HSM, Authentication and identity connectors
  • Using signature APIs and Web Hooks to implement your Electronic Signature Policy
  • Using XAYONE Identity identities with XAYONE EASYsign
  • Managing Seal certificates and timestamping
  • Understand XAYONE EASYsign Technical features
  • Customization and Troubleshooting

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